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What matters most is what those who eat our food say about it. Read Yelp reviews by office managers, HR admins, and executive assistants. And once in a while, the press chimes in. Perhaps the biggest endorsement comes from the food buyers at Whole Foods Market, Bi-Rite, and Rainbow Groceries; Indian Bento food is on the shelves at over 25 San Francisco Bay Area grocery stores, from the City of San Francisco to Sonoma in the North, Walnut Creek in the East, and Santa Cruz in the South.

Indian Bento Reviews on Yelp

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Yelp Elite Member Kimi S.

Kimi S.

"Pashmina, you made me look good!..."

"The food was fantastic, and Pashmina went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing experience. Each dish was labeled with ingredients to avoid any food allergy disasters, and we had a great balance of meat, vegetarian, and vegan options... From start to finish, we truly enjoyed our experience with Indian Bento. The food and customer service were above and beyond. Pashmina, you made me look good!" - READ REVIEW

Yelp Elite Member Ruggy J.

Ruggy J.

"Pashmina from Indian Bento just changed my life."

"What Pashmina brings to the table is a perfect balance of authentic Indian fare (she grew up in Bombay), paired with a sort of California Cuisine that uses only fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Her eggs, meat and veggies are all organic, she uses none of the sleepy additives that 99% of the other guys use, and her commitment to taste is unmatched. Don't believe me? Just pop in one of her soon-to-be world famous kati rolls and let your taste buds do the talking. They're absolutely phenomenal, and healthy to boot!" - READ REVIEW

Yelp Elite Member Chelsea B.

Chelsea B.

"Indian Bento really is as good as it gets..."

"I have a large group of eager eaters, I have a very specific arrival time, I have multiple dietary restrictions I need to provide for, I have a strict budget, and man, I need to look good. Despite my stringent needs, Pashmina fulfilled and exceeded them all. It was like she high-fived me, said 'consider it done, sister', and magicked a perfect meal out the air. " - READ REVIEW

Yelp Member Christine W.

Christine W.


"Thanks to Indian Bento, I now have a new appreciation and like for Indian food! Honestly, I didn't really care for it before. But after ordering Indian Bento for the first time for a work lunch, my mind has been changed... AND THE FOOD?! DELICIOUS!! Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Kati Rolls, Veggie Kati Rolls, Slumdog Bhelpuri, Rice and Naan. I loved everything!!" - READ REVIEW

Yelp Elite Member Ruggy J.

Melissa B.

"AppDynamics LOVES Indian Bento!"

"Pashmina is AMAZING!!!!! She is very quick to respond, always on time, and very generous with food and even throws in small desserts and sodas very once in a while. Definitely the best tasting indian food I have eaten. There is no doubt every item is cooked with love." - READ REVIEW

Yelp Elite Member Jessica T.

Jessica T.

"Pashmina is the masterful recipe chef behind this catering wonder."

"Pashmina doesn't skimp on the ingredients and they are all quality and bursting with flavor. She also is cognizant not to just add a ton of heavy sauces and oils into her food and each dish is rich with flavor from all of the quality ingredients that she uses... For exceptional Indian food - check out Indian Bento. For catering check out Indian Bento. For an unreal ready meal from Bi-Rite - check out Indian Bento." - READ REVIEW

Stop the Presses!

New York Magazine

Indian Bento: All Manner Of Hip

"From time to time a thing comes along that just checks off every trendiness box on the page. Right now, it seems the new Indian Bento is gearing up to become just that thing in the Bay Area's food scene. Just a couple weeks ago, Tom Colicchio told 7x7's Sara Deseran that he thought Indian street food would be the next big thing. Indian Bento is not only street food, it's mobile (in a yellow Mini Cooper at that). It's on twitter, natch, and facebook, and it capitalizes on the Oscars ("From Slumdog to San Francisco," reads the tag-line on their site). Just about every hip thing is here, including the sort of grandfathered-in trend of bento, long a fascination of foodies. It's even got the restaurant-within-a-restaurant thing going." - READ ARTICLE

SF Weekly

Spice Girl

"We swore we caught a big, spicy whiff of Indian Bento over the weekend, via a yellow Mini Cooper (driven by a woman named Pashmina) making home deliveries of disposable (okay, reusable) containers filled with stuff like organic spicy garbanzo curry with stir-fried vegetabes ($11.95). The Rub? You gotta buy five of 'em, minimum." - READ ARTICLE

  (415) 970-8100

SF Weekly

Organic Indian Fare, Delivered by Mini Cooper

"Ring this organic grub outfit and they'll speed you over grub from their eighteen-item, all chicken-and-veggies menu, from Maharaja drumsticks w/ tomatoes & garlic, to spicy garbanzo curry w/ stir-fried peas/carrots/green beans, to chicken wraps flanked by hot and sour lentil curry, all delivered by their pimpin' Mini Cooper, presumably driven by Mark Wahlberg, who's trying hard not to spill your chutney as he skids down a staircase." - READ ARTICLE